Friday, June 25, 2010

Flashback Friday: Bit 'O' Vegas

I really haven't had the time that I would have hoped for to post all the pictures from Vegas, well you don't have the time to view ALL the pictures from Vegas, since there are over 1000, anyhow I came upon this picture and it instantly made me smile! It took me right back in that moment and that is how I knew it should be the one I post for tonight!

The kids were playing outside (since we had brought some cooler Mt. temps with us) in my parents backyard and the girls were looking so sweet and I thought "Perfect moment to get a couple quick pics!", that is where James objected, he really had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in getting his picture taken! Instead he chose to laugh demonically and throw his head back to emphasize his own hilarity in it all (he is sooooo his Dad), and those 2 perfect angels in the foreground, well they take after their Mom, of course!!


BZmommy said...

At first I just noticed the beautiful girls... then I noticed James... then I laughed! What a kid! Love it!

Michelle said...

So cute!! I love those photos that take you right back to that moment! Way to capture it forever!

Kari Clark said...

That is the funniest pic ever! Love it!