Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well I am an awesome mess right now, yesterday I woke up with a kink in my neck! You see, it happened like this, for some reason Grace and James decided that 4:30am was a good time to start the day. They were making quite the ruckus so I went to check the little jabber babies, they had turned all the lights on in the girls room and were pointing flashlights in Lexi's sleepy eyes. I ever so "patiently" directed Grace back to her bed and brought James with me to my room when he then said "Foood, pweese Mom." in which case I headed down stairs with him got him some crackers and we sat on the couch watching Go Diego, Go. After a little while my eyes were becoming quite heavy and I told James I was gonna go back to bed, he then responded "James, mom's bed." so we both headed back up stairs and cuddled in my bed, well his favorite way to sleep in my bed is with his face on my face and you see, this my friends, is where the kink began.
I woke up to kiss Jimmy goodbye at 6:30am and that is when I felt it, the pain was debilitating and I wanted to cry! I found a more comfortable position and that is where I stayed ALL day yesterday and most likely ALL day today, other than a few trips to the restroom. This kink forces me to keep my chin to my chest, so when I decided to try and take a shower last night I nearly drowned (OK not really, but kind of). I mean just imagine how silly I look when I try to stand, it's like the Hunch Back of Kelley Dame, and the worst part is that all I see is how badly the floor needs to be vacuumed !! Thank goodness for Lexi or I would be in real trouble because she is totally taking over care of the younger two and brings me water, grapes, cereal, yogurt, whatever I need!! Eating is also a challenge, since I can't extend my neck up I have to lean out like a turtle to put anything in my mouth and then it often dribbles down my chin, just check me into an old folks home OK!!

So here I lay in my bed with my husbands laptop on my stomach, my pillow propped behind my head so all I see is how far down my boobs sag, and the computer screen, again, I am an AWESOME mess!! Ibuprofen doesn't seem to help and we don't own a heating pad, and the attempts by an 11 year old to make one were unsuccessful, sweet, but unsuccessful. Lexi has taken the kids down the street to the park so the house is quiet for now, seriously I highly recommend everyone get an 11 year old, especially for times like this, they are so handy! I will have to really do something nice for her once I am able to meet her gaze again.

Oh wait!! I almost forgot, in an effort to boost my spirits yesterday, my husband surprised me with really good tickets to see LADY ANTEBELLUM (my fave) and Tim Mcgraw the end of July, it totally worked until I shifted my head in the excitement and then I had to cry a little.


Rachel B. said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Neck pains are the worst! I hope it goes away soon. I have one of the microwaveable rice pads that would work perfectly for that. I can try and swing it by later.

Chelsea said...

Geez! Well on the bright side...you have a little over a month to recover completely before the concert....we are going too!!!!

Amber said...

that is the worst! so sorry. but yeah for the tixs. that would be an awesome concert. i would love to see both of them!

Kari Clark said...

I love the way narrate things - it's always funny! But I'm not laughing at you, just with you, right? Hope you feel better soon! Kar

Heather B said...

So sorry- neck kinks are awful!!