Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Hunt!

Last Wednesday my AMAZING and Thoughtful friend Kari organized an Egg hunt for the kids in the ward. We all met at a park nearby and put out our own kids marked eggs, (side note, Lexi and I had marked all of ours but when we got to the park the names had ALL rubbed off, so annoying!!) OK, back to the event, the kids were beyond anxious to get out there and find their eggs, so after a little instruction, they were off!!

(I am small and cute so I need a head start )

EYE ON THE PRIZE!! There was no distracting little Sophie from the challenge at hand!!!

I asked James to look at the camera, he said "No"

(Kari & Soph having a little lunch)

(and a little treat)

(My sweet friend Miriam and her girls)

My old friend (she's not old, I have just known her for a very long time), Rachel and her girls, who were not interested in a photo op, but Rachel always looks SMOKIN!!

So I waited until they didn't know I was there (sneaky sneaky, I am)

Even though Lexi was busted up and I was a basket case, (no really I was), trying to help them all at the same time, it was a great reason to get out of the house and the kids had a BLAST!!


Rachel B. said...

If by "SMOKIN'" you mean "nose is lookin' large and in charge" then that's me! ;) Remind me not to wear those sunglasses again. Vanity aside, thanks for taking a picture of me with my girls. The egg hunt was so fun. My girls loved it too!

GHFamily said...

Did you ever notice that Lexi and Grace have the same smile?

Kari Clark said...

I guess I hadn't seen the pictures that you were talking about yesterday. Thanks for taking so many good ones - YOU are the amzing one! It was a fun day, I'm glad that you guys enjoyed it!

Annie said...

fun fun fun!!! Rachel does look smokin' p.s. I am always a basket case 3 under 3 is gonna do me in and easter egg hunts are so fun, but to watch and manage all of mine...um yeah this year we did it indoor....ALONE