Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday! The Power of One!!

(Me at 18)

Oprah has her talk show.

Michael Jordan, the basketball court.

Julia Roberts, the movie screen.

Amelia Earhart, the sky.

Marylin, the WCW Wrestling Event.

I was just a white girl with a dream really, and never in my wildest imagination thought I could reach it so young at just 18 years old. Don't ask how or why, but I attended many Professional Wrestling events in my day, and there was one that will forever stand out in my mind. It was shortly after graduating High School in 1997 watching two grown men in spanks, bounce off ropes and tackle each other when the match took a turn for the desperate and I suddenly shouted "Bite His Ear!", it was just weeks after the Tyson vs. Holyfield fight and the words slipped easily from my lips. The people around me chuckled and then as if I were the director standing before them they all began shouting "Bite his ear, Bite his ear!" It grew and grew and next thing you know the entire MGM Grand arena was shouting "Bite his Ear!!" It was a moment that only happens in movies, it was then I knew I was meant for greater things! The people in front and behind me were throwin me high fives for my addition to the match, the wrestlers were forced to acknowledge the crowd, I don't remember what was said, but I remember the pride in knowing I had the Power to influence those around me with my words!!

I realize that this all must seem silly, but you found yourself reading every word didn't you??? Hey and I still know some moves, so don't mess!!!

P.S I have some great news on the "Saga of the Bully" so stay tuned!! :)

Love to you and Happy Friday!!


Kari Clark said...

You are seriously hilarious! That was a great story.

Amy said...

Why is this the first time I heard about this? Maybe it just slipped my mind. Perhaps many of your "moves" are in your gene pool.

Rachel B. said...

Oh my word, this is hilarious!