Friday, January 11, 2008

Can't wait!

So I have less than two weeks until this little boy gets here! I can't believe how fast it has gone!! I feel so blessed to have had such great pregnancies, not that I want to be pregnant forever but I can't complain. In fact there a few things I will miss, the extra calories, the new baby items shopping, my friends telling me on a regular basis that I am all belly and it being a good thing!! My most favorite thing would have to be my sweet husbands help in making my pregnancy fun, he is one of those men that worries anytime I say I have been having a few contractions, to the extent that about a week ago I called him and told him I had been having a few good contractions but that it wasn't too serious, he insisted that I head strait home and get in bed, I humored him by saying I would, but really I ran a few errands and got home shortly before he did. The minute he walked in the door he wanted me lying down and not doing anything, so it was in this moment that I thought this could be fun. I sat on my bed and started folding laundry that I had placed there just a few minutes earlier when Jimmy walked in the room and was like "What are you doing!?" I just responded with the obvious "Folding the laundry.?" His eyes got big and his voice was serious as a heart attack "I said I didn't want you doing ANYTHING." So who was I to argue, I put the clothes down and relaxed. I have always been a quick learner so I now use this tactic almost everyday just to get a little extra help when he comes home from work. He really has been great about all of it, back rubs, help cooking, help with the girls, calling just to check on me, and the other night when I got stuck in the bath because my back was tweeked, he was so sweet to help me get out. I must say that for me pregnancy is not too shabby!!!

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Tom & Rachel said...

You look so great! So cute. Definitely milk the whole pregnancy card with your husband for as long as you can. :) Good luck with the delivery!