Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not the Tooth!

So let me back it up just a bit, about a week and a half ago my crazy Grace came to me and her front tooth was bleeding. She was crying (which is sign of real pain when it comes to Grace) and told me that she had bumped her mouth. I am sure it was from jumping off something, running too fast around a corner, or any of the amazing stunts that she has mastered. Well her tooth (which by the way is one of two that are actually crowns that she had done two years ago this month because she was born with weak spots in her two front teeth) anyway so her tooth looked like it had moved a little but she seemed ok once I cleaned her up and kissed her face. Well by last Thursday the 17th Grace came to me and said "Mom call da docor so he can fits my teef" I couldn't say no to that cute request so I called and they were able to get her in that afternoon. We took her in and I wish I had brought my camera because it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. They decided to do her cleaning while I was there and Grace could not have been more thrilled, she was giddy, smiling and laughing and clapping like she was at the circus. The women cleaning her teeth was just like "Oh my gosh this is sooo funny, I have never seen a child that enjoyed being here so much" I was shocked my self. Well after doing X-rays and the "docor" taking a look he informed me that the tooth could not be saved and had to be pulled!! I was really sad but I understood, part of the sadness was that we had just paid for that tooth two years before and sad that my Grace was gonna have to undergo something not so fun. There was also the vain side of me that thought about the fact that now every picture from now until her big teeth grow in will be my baby with a missing front tooth :( ! But we made the appointment for the next morning and since I was still very sick with the flu and even more pregnant, my wonderful Husband and my Mom managed to get her to the appointment. It was at 7:30 am so she was home to me by 9:30 am and then she slept for most of the day! I was worried that she would be upset when she woke up and realized her tooth was gone and she was for a min. but then once she had a moment to look at her self in the mirror she said "I like dis, I like the docor, I want to go back!" She was impressed with her new look and that made me feel so much better! I actually think having only the one tooth makes her look tough and it fits her personality!! Love that girl! I guess now I should be worried that she will try to knock another one out or knock someone else's out!


Kasey Eyre said...

She'll be the first kid in school to have a tooth missing. I bet all of the other kids will be jealous!

The Rowles said...

Carli had her's out early too and she just thinks it is just like sister's so she was happy with it too.