Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Holy HOT Jalepenos!!!!

So this story actually happened a couple weeks ago on the 8th of November but I have gotten a little behind on the blogging! So one evening I decided to surprise my husband by making his favorite Salsa, so the girls and I worked together to make it for him. I had bought all the ingredients that day so they would be really fresh, boy would I be kicking my own butt for that one!! I had made this many times and everything seemed to be coming along quite well. I was allowing the girls to get right in the mix of things, they helped cut everything up (with plastic knives of course, I am not that crazy) they were so excited to surprise Daddy when he got home from work. Well the very last thing to go in the Salsa are Jalapenos, I had the girls wash up and I decided to just do this last part alone. Well, for the sake of my children I am glad I made that decision because I would end up with severe burns on the tips of every finger on my left hand, the holding the pepper hand. Apparently these Jalapenos were like non others I had cut before, because I was in soo much pain that I sat on the couch with my hand in ice-water for several hours, I applied every ointment, cream, pain medication that a pregnant lady can use! My hand felt like it was on fire and as I was praying for some relief my husband came over to me and sweetly said "Honey the Salsa is REALLY good this time!" I responded with "Yeah, well it better be." That night I slept with ice packs on my hand and by the morning the pain had somewhat subsided. My hand would be sensitive for the next week and the tips of my fingers were white, well whiter that normal. I have not made any salsa since but from now on I will handle the peppers with gloves! Now, I may be the only one out there that this has happened to but if any of you have had something like this happen, I would love to hear. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes I really am 29!

Well yesterday was my 29th Birthday and, well I must say that for me the older I get the less exciting the birthdays are! I had lunch with my two favorite girls, Alexis and Grace at Panera Bread and then we came home. That evening we went to dinner with my brother-in-law Chet who happen to be in town. We decided to go to Claim Jumpers and it started out to be just us (the four Kelley's) my parents, younger sister Emily and Chet. Well by the time we left it had grown to be my sisters friend, Chet's cousin Justin, Chet's parents and Chet's sister Marissa and her husband John. It was quite a crowd. Now none of Chet's family I guess realized that is was my birthday dinner, they were there to see Chet, which was fine cause they were all welcome, it was just funny as they arrived they were like "Oh we didn't know you would all be here." Anyway so we had a nice dinner and then made a stop at Borders where I got to get a few cd's (they were one's I had owned before but that had been stolen when our car was broken into). We then stopped at my parents and had a little celebration cause my sweet sister had made me a cake! She was so kind to put that I was only turning 21!

Then we made it home and my sweet husband had also made me a cake. Poor guy he had stayed up late the night before baking it and he didn't realize that the part on the box where it tells you to use TWO 9 Inch Round Pans that it wasn't optional. So he poured all the batter into ONE 9 inch pan and then wondered why it wasn't cooking. Although I didn't know all this until he unveiled his masterpiece for me to blow out the candles! It was the saddest cake I had ever seen but it was my favorite cake of all time! It was spice which is my favorite, and a little candle wax never hurt anybody! All the hard work he put into the cake made it all the better!

Now as to the title of this post, well on Sunday someone at church was asking me how old I was turning and I replied "29" they laughed and said "No,really how old are you turning?" I again said "29" and they felt a little dumb but continued on with their thought that they thought I was more like 35. So I guess the question I then began to ponder is "Do I really look like I am only 5 years from being 40?" I don't know if it is the fact that I have a daughter who will be 9 in Jan. or maybe it's the lines around my eyes that I thought only peeked out when I smile.

Anyway it was another year and another birthday and Yes I really am 29! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Utah Trip!

Well a few weeks back I made the plans to be gone two weekends in a row, I thought it sounded sooo fun! Well I guess that maybe I should have been thinking with my pregnant brain instead of the non-pregnant brain! Well Friday, Nov. 9 Alexis and I headed out for a girls weekend. We drove to Murray Utah and stayed in the Fairfield Inn.

One of the main reasons for going was so I could have a 4D Ultra sound done. A sweet friend of mine, Caley works in a place that does them and she is a tech so on Friday evening we met her at the office. WOW it was so amazing to see my little boy. While he refused to open his eyes he did give us some smiles and he punched himself in the face a few times hee hee. He got really shy when he realized the camera was on him, when she began the scan he was spread eagle, but once she took a picture he used his hand to cover up!! Silly boy!! It was a really neat thing to have done!

The rest of the weekend was kind of a blur, we hung out with an Old friend of mine, Gentry and her girls whom happen to live in the area. We went to IKEA! Oh man, OH Man! I was the most excited to go because we do not have one here in Vegas and I haven't been anywhere to go into one so it was my very first time! I think it is best however that we don't have one near us cause I might get myself into trouble! Although, one thing I would say I did not like about IKEA was the whole "mouse in a maze" feeling! You could only Exit out one way and of course it was at the very back corner of the store so you have to walk through the entire store to get out! It was fun though and I found some goodies to purchase!

We ate lunch at Noodles N Company and then said by to our friends and then Lexi and I spent some much needed Mom and Daughter time. We went to the book store and had hot chocolate and found some good books! Like moths to a flame we found the mall and did a little shopping. Now to go out with a bang we stopped for a little dinner on our way back to the motel and what a mistake that would turn out to be!! I woke up 3am Sunday morning sick out of my mind!! I stayed most of the night on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub! Now I won't say the name of the place that gave me food poisoning but I will give a hint it started with an A and ended with an RBY'S! Now lucky for Alexis she was safe, and she slept soundly!

We made the long drive back today and even with the food poisoning it was a great weekend with my Lexi, she was great company!! My husband and Grace were sooo glad to see us return and I have decided that next time I come up with an idea to travel while 7 and a 1/2 Months pregnant I will just take a nap instead! :)

Daddy & Daughter

So on Wednesday, Nov. 7th Jimmy and Alexis were able to attend a Daddy & Daughter night with our ward. It was a fun night with a Western theme! Jimmy was a good sport and he and Alexis dressed the same, although he wasn't into the cowboy hat! They did some line dancing and ate sloppy joe's. Grace and I stayed home and hung out just the two of us! I gave Jimmy the camera to take some pictures but he got busy and was only able to get a couple shots, but lucky for him I took some before they left!! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Time Out For Us!!

On Friday November 2, we drove to Long Beach, California for Time Out for Women! It was Me, my sisters Janna who drover from Arizona, Alyssa who flew in from Texas, Emily who drove with me from Vegas, my sister-in-law Ashley who lives in Long Beach,and my Mom who also lives in Vegas. My brother Jack and my Dad came but they hung out and went golfing while us girls enjoyed a girls day. For those of you that don't know what it is, Time Out For Women is something that Deseret Book puts on all over the country, they bring musical artists and great speakers together for a day or two of spiritual uplifting for Women. This was my second one I had been to, the first was here in Vegas a year ago. This one in Long Beach was being hosted by our cousin Hilary Weeks, she was great and it was so fun to spend some time with her. The other amazing people there were Jenny Jordan Frogley (LDS musical artist), Ardeth Kapp (former General Young Womens President), Abe Mills (from the LDS group Jericho Road), S. Michael Wilcox (an instructor at the institute by University of Utah) and John Hilton III (an author and frequent speaker at Education week). They were all wonderful and I enjoyed it so much! It was amazing to be with my sisters for a few days without our kids, I honestly don't know when the last time all of us were together without children! In fact it may have been before any of us were married :). We drove home yesterday and now we are planning the next time for a get together! Oh wait and I can't leave out one of my favorite parts of the weekend, on Sat. evening we went and got dinner and then we went and did a little shopping and my wonderful parents allowed us to pick out a new purse. Now to some of you this is no big deal, but for me, well I LOVE them, I have many and hope to have many more! :) So because of this I decided to post a picture of my newest Coach addition! Oh and don't worry I have shoes to go with it!! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treating!

Trick or Treating
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For our Halloween night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Holler's house and went to a few houses before we were all tired and ready to head back (the houses are far apart and many were not handing out candy or were out). We went back to the house and carved the pumpkin and decorated cookies and then we headed for home! It was a long night but fun! We do miss having cousins around to do the trick or treating with though! Hope you all had a wonderful night as well!