Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tide Me Over

When I am feeling blue I try to think of things that make me happy or give me a little smile, you know "things to tide me over" until the Sun comes out again!!

Wearing my favorite color, Kelly Green (of course)

Watching a little Ellen

Vacuuming with this pretty little thing (yes, it's true it makes me happy)

Making salsa for my husband with this fantastic invention

Applying a bunch of this to my lashes always makes me feel better

Covering my grays with this makes me look younger and feel refreshed

Taking pictures with this brings me joy

Listening to them makes me want to sing

And sometimes I like to dance like this ( it reminds me of home)

All my love


Heather B said...

Thanks for the recommendation for Revlon 31! I may just have to try it. I love a reddish tint to my hair. Samuel once forbade me from ever going any shade of red, because of a certain hair-color-happy-ex-wife. That's the only reason I didn't put it on my poll. But I still want to try it. thanks love! Hope all is well for you.

Chelsea said...

Hey I've been thinking a lot about you! I think you are in need of a girls night out...too bad I have no idea what Jason's schedule looks like to pull one off! Anyway, I love ya! And I love that picture of you dancing...good memories- why didn't you put the other one up?? Haha Talk to you soon.

Marylin said...

Chels, yeah you are funny lady!! I did think about it though :) You totally read my mind, I do need a girls night!! Thanks for thinking of me!

John and Marissa said...

Lady Antebellum perks me right up too! It would make you really happy to make salsa for ME too. Just kidding! Love you - sorry you have been down...I love how you always look for the positive though.