Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween '09

This year was a really fun Halloween! Jimmy had taken the girls several weeks ago to pick their costumes out, and I had let James sort of choose his, last year I made the costumes but I wasn't really in the mood this time around so they were all store bought.

Grace was a "Poison Fairy", it was a little big on her but since she had to wear clothes underneath anyway to keep her warm it worked out well! She loved her wand and wings.

Lexi was a witch, not really original but it's what she had wanted to be and I think she made for a really pretty one!

James was a Garden Gnome, he loved the hat, but hated the beard so I don't have any pictures of him with it but you can still tell what he was. I loved watching him figuring the whole trick or treating thing out!

Friday night we went with Janna & Dave (who are in town for a week , Yay!) to Dave's sister's ward for "Trunk or Treating" then we came back to the house and the kids had a blast playing while us adults hung out and talked for a few hours! It was so great having family for the holiday, made me feel a little less far away!

Saturday, Jimmy's brother Danny came over and ate an early dinner with us and then he and Jimmy took the kids around our neighborhood, it was actually not too cold so it made it much nicer to be out. They did drop James off after a while since he was starting to get tired, but then they headed back out for more candy! They kids got so much candy, we aren't really used to that since in Vegas we would only go down a few streets in my parents neighborhood and the houses were pretty far apart, it was always just enough to make the kids happy, but man, this year was crazy!! Lexi "estimates we have over 600 pieces of candy in the three bags", not to mention the left overs from what I didn't hand out!
Once they got back we had doughnuts and hot chocolate, then the kids were off to bed and Jimmy, Danny and myself stayed up talking and watching movies. It was a really nice way to spend our Halloween.

Sunday we enjoyed the time change that gave us a little more time to get ready for church. It was a great Sunday, have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE our ward?!?! It really makes attending church great for our entire family. Afterward we went to our friends the Clark's for lunch and hanging out. We even got out for a little snowball fight and playing at the park across from their house. The kids had a great time playing and Jimmy and I really enjoy Kari and Rob's company so it made for the perfect Sunday afternoon!!

Something about this place just fits out family so well, it feels like home! Hope all of you had a great Halloween as well!

Love to you,


Kasey Eyre said...

They look so cute in their costunes! I am sure James was as funny as Logan trying to hold onto his Halloween bucket while walking from house to house. I am so glad you're loving it there and to hear how well the kids are adjusting. It's nice knowing you have good friends and are enjoying your new home! We'll have to make plans when you're here For Christmas.

Miriam said...

beautiful family. Love the cute costumes.

Rachel B. said...

Your kids look great! James' costume is hilarious even without the beard! Too cute. I told you our ward was awesome! I am totally attached to everybody. Fantastic, fantastic people! You fit right in. :)

Kari Clark said...

We had fun with you guys, too. The garden gnome rocks! James is so stinking cute, then again, all of your kids are.

Screwed Up Texan said...

Marilyn, I havnt had the chance to call and ask re the missionary on the left to see if he is from Las Vegas...but his name is Elder Ranger. You'll have to come back and reply on my blog and let me know if that is him!


Screwed Up Texan said...

BTW, I saw the elder again and he says that he IS from Vegas...from the Mountain View Ward. Does that sound right?

Liz - Jess said...

HA HA... I love James costume!! That is so adorable! And wow, that place is beautiful. Trick or treating in snow seems crazy. And great pictures, I love the one of Grace asleep!

Steph said...

So cute. I hope you guys had a fun time. Miss you lots. Larry has family in Colorado Springs. Is that far from ya. We are planning a two week trip in the summer. Fun to stop by. Your kids are getting so big. love it.

Glenna said...

A garden gnome!?!?! How cute is that?!!!!! Everybody looks great. You take awesome pictures.