Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Don't Worry Mom, Santa is coming"

So on Tuesday of this week I was finishing up my book The Wednesday Letters for the book club I am in and it made me get a little teary eyed, which these days it doesn't take much to do. Well Grace came in and saw me with the tears and said "Mom, what happen, you get hurt?" I said no and that the book just made me a little sad, she got the sweetest look on her face and cocked her head to one side and said "Don't be sad Momma, don't worry Santa is coming." Now this brought an instant smile to my face and then hers. The back story is that for the last month or so Grace has started finding things on commercials and in adds that she wants and I always tell her "Well you will have to ask Santa, and he is gonna be here pretty soon" now this may be setting myself up for years of early planning on Grace's part but oh well! :) Grace is a funny little child cause one minute she will be oh so sweet and the next she is throwing air punches and wanting to fight someone, anyone that will take her on! I love being her Mom!


the littles said...

what a sweet picture! and how fun that you found my blog glad to hear how wonderfully well you are doing. i'm a little jealous that you are due three months before me though! i'll be sure to add you to our favorites so we can check your blog often.
~Janelle Biggs (we only put "Littles" on the blog for joke purposes)

John and Marissa said...

Kids say the darndest things. How cute is that!