Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I have written a few posts but haven't posted them, am I the only one that has "post guilt"? I start thinking "oh that was way too much complaining" or "I should have saved that for my private journal" but today I am pretty sure this post will be 100% appropriate!!

I have been in a funk since our move and I have been really lonely so I decided to get myself busy with some projects and while I am still kinda "funky" I at least feel as though I got something done, WOOHOO!

The reason: In our new house there is a "formal" dining room which will never be used formally, however there is a rather large chandelier that is at the perfect height for people, ok me, to hit my head on it.

My solution: I decided to place a small round table with a few chairs and turn it into a homework table/don't hit your head on the chandelier table!

After searching a few thrift stores I finally found the perfect table, it just needed a little sprucing up.

The color was actually pretty close to what I was wanting but as you can tell from the pictures it had been neglected over the years. The best part was that I only paid $10 for the table!!

Now with many of my projects I use spray paint but since I wasn't able to find the color I wanted in spray paint I went with what turned out to be a custom color with primer from Ace hardware since they were unable to match the swatch I had found exactly. Once I had the paint I went to work.

I lightly sanded the entire table and then wiped it down with a sticky cloth to collect all the sanding dust.

(forgive me for not taking more pictures)

After I gave the table two good coats of the new paint I let it dry over night, and then my favorite part the "Aging".

When it comes to giving some age to a piece I use everything, chains, hammers, sand paper, gardening tools and anything that I might find in my garage. This is why when choosing a piece to re-finish you want it to be of sturdy wood construction otherwise it could fall apart from the abuse.

Once I had aged it sufficiently I decided that the color was just a bit too bright and needed something else, so I dug in my magic bag of tricks and found a dark wood stain that I had from another project and rubbed it gingerly over the entire table, wiping it with a clean towel as I went.

The result:
The perfect piece for the space!

(These pictures were taken with my phone so it's hard to see the detail)

Now the table was lonely without chairs so my next search was for the perfect set, again this took a few days of searching thrift stores but I finally found a matching pair that would work.

The chairs started out like this (not bad if I wanted black) the chairs were $10 each

After some sanding, primer, paint and top coat...

I completed the second chair and allowed them to dry completely, when I brought them in next to the table I still felt they needed a little something so after a conversation with a fantastic friend she gave me a great suggestion...and here are the final results

I must admit that I am kind of in love with this room now! There is something very satisfying about giving a piece of furniture a new identity and even better when it's in my house!!


run4fun said...

I love it! You are fabulous at decorating. Sure wish I had your talent! Loves!!!!

Jessie said...

Looks like a very cute room! Lots of work and it was well worth it. Both projects turned out awesome.

John and Marissa said...

I la-la-LOVE this room! Beautiful my friend!

Heather B said...

wow. amazing!!!!!