Monday, September 12, 2011

Can't get enough!

It seems with each time we move I get the craving to do projects. It really all started when we moved to Colorado and we had areas that needed new furniture but we didn't have the funds to go out and buy brand new, so I decided why not find some pieces that I could put a little work into and save us a ton! Naturally when we moved to Utah we had room for more projects and I was excited to have something to take my mind of the Lonely.

This latest piece came about because for the last 2 years we have had THE UGLIEST TV stand (in my humble opinion). In our last house the t.v cutout in the wall was not large enough for our TV so my husband thought he would try his hand at salvaging...he worked at an air force base and someone mentioned to him that there was a building that was being cleaned out and that anyone was welcome to take the furniture that was left behind. "Lucky" us there was a t.v stand!! Let me just say that the t.v stand was left for a reason, but he thought "It's still functional, I am not letting it go to the trash!" so alas he brought it home and I didn't have the heart to tell him how much I disliked it, so it stayed.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I spotted the PERFECT piece at D.I for just $10, I swooped it up!! When I brought it home Jimmy's face was like "You think that is better than what we have??" but he humored me and unloaded it from the van anyway.

This past Saturday was her day in the sun!

(the doors actually had black slats or mini shutters that were breaking and I ripped them out and then remembered to take a picture)

I sanded all over and primed it and then painted the tops and sides first, leaving the front alone. Painting the front was a bit more tedious because it needed to be taped off in areas but the time was worth it in the end. As I was finishing up the last coat of paint it began to rain, now while I was under a covered porch the wind was pelting the rain into me and "The Precious" so my husband swiftly helped me move her into the garage and I decided I would have to complete her another day.

Then today I had some time once the girls were home from school to finish, I pulled out the chicken wire, wire cutters and stapler and was able to add the finishing touches pretty quickly! I really am happy with the way she looks, yes I do get quite attached to each piece, but when you have no other friends nearby they become your company. My husband was nearly shocked to see the difference and even gave me a high five, I guess he approves! Isn't she lovely?!?!


Michelle said...

She is lovely! Way to go!

The Groovy Groover's said...

I wish you could redo all my furniture this way!! Super cute!!