Monday, April 11, 2011

Been Wanting To

I have been wanting to update the old blog but it's been a little tricky, you see my sweet 3 year old removed ALL of the buttons from my laptop, the dear boy, and I haven't been able to recover them completely and some no longer push so well. So if you notice a missing 'F', a Comma the numbers 4 or 8 it's because pushing the little hole is a little bit of a pain. The other reason I haven't updated (if I am choosing to list my excuses, wait good idea I will list them)

Reasons I haven't blogged;
1. Missing buttons on keyboard
2. Been over the top sick with Pregnancy
3. I'm a sell out

Yes for those that haven't heard, I am a sell out, I tend to check in on the Book of Faces more these days instead of hopping from blog to blog, which at one point I enjoyed.

Oh the other little issue is this pregnancy is straight kicking my trash!! I have always said I was blessed to have had great pregnancies, I thought that by acknowledging the fact that I was blessed would protect me from said sickness while in the "family way". Apparently that tactic didn't work and this time around I have been sooooooo soooo sick, I mean morning to night nausea and on occasion sudden bouts of throwing up. I can't eat anything, well except for crackers, soup and Rice Chex cereal. I do have random times where something not easily attained will sound good and my fantastic husband has gone above and beyond, driving to places like Quiznos (there cheddar broccoli soup), Sonic (their cherry limeade and ice), Olive Garden (Minestrone soup) and Target many times for crackers and anything I can think of that I might be able to eat. Let me also say that we don't really live near anything, most places are a bit of a drive so his efforts to take care of me have been greatly appreciated. If I am in the mode of bragging let me list all the outstanding things he has done in the more than a month of time since I mostly been good for sitting on the couch and laying in bed.

Husbands Awesomeness;
1. Cleaning the house
2. Dishes
3. Laundry
4. Getting the kids to school
5. grocery shopping
6. Helping with kids homework
7. Bringing me a drink or snack
8. taking care of James during the day while working from home
9. Getting our kids to all their activities

I mean the list could go on but this gives a good example, he has turned into a full time caregiver and single parent. We live far from family and we hadn't told friends so it was all on him. He even still loves me after everything and he's sweet about helping me. I know that I am blessed to have a husband who works from home and has had the charity and love to take over all of my "normal" responsibilities without resenting me.

Things really took a nose dive when about a week and half ago I came down with a severe head cold which turned into a sinus infection, so not only am I
nauseated but I can't breathe and my head is riddled with headaches for days on end. And then our sweet 3 year old ended up in the hospital with pneumonia a few days ago, that night I managed to drag myself out of bed and be at the hospital with them while a friend stayed with the girls.

I have wondered how my husband is still standing after this many weeks of doing it all. He was already my hero but he has expanded on that notion and inspired me with his acts of selflessness and service. It's quite astonishing that he is the one doing all of these things and when I cry to him about feeling guilty for being sick or crying because I am sick he still stands in and comforts me.

The good that came from my ongoing sinus infection is that when we went to the quick care yesterday the doctor was kind enough to give me a prescription for anti-nausea medication on top of the other medications. I am really grateful for that and hope that once my sinuses clear I will be able to function better during the day relieving my honey of his posts.

I don't like to complain and I am not great at asking for help, so I feel mixed about sharing all of this because I know there are others in the world with greater hardships. That said I have to acknowledge the great man that I married, who has been a true captain in the midst of our family battle. He has kept the troops going and the fort hasn't fallen all because of his efforts and sacrifice.

(Jimmy cuddling with Buddy when he wasn't feeling so good.)

(Buddy receiving oxygen)

(Buddy waiting to have x-rays done)

I promise you don't want to see any pictures of me, but I can create a good mental one, right now I am laying in bed with my handicapped laptop, tissue shoved in my right nostril, with large gray sweat pants and a red shirt with no bra, no make up and I don't remember making it to the shower today.


Heather B said...

OH MAN! That is a lot of sickness to deal with! I'm SO sorry! I hope your prescription helps the nausea and your sinus infection gets GONE! Geez! Sorry about little James being in the hospital too. Hope ya'll get better super soon.

Justin said...

Oh my goodness Marylin that is all crazy!!! I am so sorry is james better? Did he have to spend some nights in the hospital? Are you feeling better?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the being "in the family way"!!! But so sorry that you're so sick this time around. Your hubby is so fantastic to just take over and keep things going. He deserves a medal!

If it helps, I know how you feel because I'm like that and the couch and kitchen sink were my best friends for months on end. I'll tell you, though, this last time I did acupressure (not to be confused with acupuncture) and it worked miracles on the nausea, as well as many other yucks of being pregnant all the way to the end. This was by far my easiest pregnancy because of it. You should look into it, and then let me know if it worked for you.

Good luck and I hope the sickness is over soon.

GHFamily said...

When you have your 45th birthday the morning sickness will be just a bleep in the past :). Love you girl, hang in there.