Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Letter

The Cleavers (oh I mean) Kelley’s

Well it has been a super year, filled with happiness and joy for twelve months. Everyone is doing just fine and we are thrilled for the New Year. How could our lives get any better? I mean honestly, with a charming husband and three perfectly mannered children, my life as a homemaker is swell on all accounts.
Let me begin with my kind husband, as he is the leader of our home, and so perfect in every way. He loves his job, while I am not quite sure what he does, he is always happy to go and when he returns home to us his disposition is quite enjoyable. He is thrilled to sit down to our home cooked meal and share his day with us and then politely ask each of us about our day, he is so thoughtful. He is always so loving and kind with the children, yet he knows when to have a firm hand. Jimmy is such a good man, it really is true, father does know best.
My day is not nearly so hard it is a dream to tend to the needs of my husband and children. They are all so special to me it is truly a pleasure to pick up after them, clean their clothes and prepare well balanced meals for them. I rise early each glorious morning to help them get ready for their day, I want it to be started off right with a nutritious breakfast and lovingly packed lunches. With a kiss and a smile I send them on their way knowing that their day has started on the right foot, oh what a swell feeling that is.
Sweet Alexis is growing into quite the young women, she will be twelve this coming January and fills our home with harmony each and every moment. Lexi, as her friends call her, began 6th grade this year and is doing just splendid. She participates in the band playing the flute and does such a fine job, she is also getting perfect A’s in all her classes. This year she is also a member of the esteemed theatre club, and has the part of a Narrator in the school play. Alexis loves to watch over her younger siblings so Jimmy and I might have a weekly date, she is such an angel.
Our wonderful child Grace is six and has a great spirit for life, she smiles all day long and takes glee in spreading smiles to others. She is in the 1st grade this year and works very hard. For Grace, GYM and art class are just nifty. Grace plays just beautifully with her younger brother, always looking out for him it doesn’t bother her one bit to have him tag along behind her.
The youngest in our family, James is turning three in a few short weeks. Golly gee he is such a boy, running, jumping, playing sports and enjoying comic book characters. James is well behaved and never flips his lid. Spending my afternoons with James puts me on cloud 9 as we sit and play educational games and when the weather is nice we visit the park.

We feel blessed this year and expect great and wonderful things in the year to come. Our family has been enriched with family and friends who love and support us; we are grateful for you and hope that your homes and hearts are filled with joy and wonderment this holiday season.

Most Humbly,

The Kelley's

Keepin it real:
Jimmy is currently working at Buckley Air Force Base as a Project Manager in the Engineering department. In his off time (when that occurs) he enjoys watching Supernatural and sleeping.

-Marylin (me), this year has been quite busy with my Photography business. I made 3 trips to Vegas for photo sessions, and have more trips in the works. There hasn’t been much time for sewing or anything else really but I am working on finding that “balance” that I hear so much about. When I am not editing I love to try new recipes, go on date nights with my husband, and spend time with my amazing friends.

-Alexis (almost 12), says that “She feels as though she was always meant to be in middle school.” Her life goal is “To visit the Mall of America and then be an actress.” Lexi really did achieve a 4.0 GPA, and loves being in the drama club (very surprising).

-Grace 6 ¾, continues to be our little spitfire, she makes me laugh and lose my mind on a daily basis. She loves to laugh, and since she is now missing both of her front teeth her smile is that much more enthusiastic. School is still a challenge but she is making tremendous progress and she loves to learn, it just comes at a little bit different pace for her.

-James (almost 3), is such a silly boy. He loves to dress up as “Pider-Man” and Batman regularly, watch Little Einstein’s, and help me in the kitchen. While he can be wild and crazy, he is super sensitive and hates getting in trouble. James constantly has some new catch phrase that he has picked up from his sisters, like “That’s not fair!” or “You’re so mean MOM!” (Aww the joys of an expanding vocabulary.)

Just in the last few days Jimmy accepted a position in a completely new line of work and in a completely new state. He will begin working from home for an internet marketing company starting in January, and then in July we will be moving to Utah (Lehi/Orem area). We are very sad to leave our home and friends here in Colorado, but life is an adventure and we are excited for what new things are ahead.

***I know it has been a super long time since my last post, if I am being completely honest I have mostly been a complete wreck, no really, I have. I think, no, I know that I allowed my photography business to take over my life. For the future I am trying to decided if there is space in my life for it, and if there is, how much. It's hard because I LOVE the art of it, but the business side kicks my trash. I already feel like I am letting my family down when I HAVE to work, but then I feel like I am letting my clients down when I HAVE to take care of my family. So in the end I am letting someone down and I end up a complete MESS, not enough time, not enough me. Forget about seeing my friends or doing anything fun, or anything else for that matter. I have never functioned well when there is too much on my plate, and this time is no exception.

The blog has been pushed to the side while I have tried to get a grip on my emotions, my sanity, and my priorities. I have missed the outlet of writing it all down and so if I were to set a New Years resolution it would be to make time to write, read, sew, see friends, work out, sleep, cook, and love on my husband and children.

I will say that one of my latest priorities has become getting back to the gym, I have ALWAYS LOVED the feeling of working out and in recent years it took a seat on the bumper (not just a back seat) of my life car. Well for Christmas I asked for a gym membership and my husband delivered. So for the last week and a half I have been working out like my life depends on it, ok so it's mostly my sanity that depends on it, but gosh darn it feels great, no AWESOME!! So this is where I am right now and for those of you that wish I were somewhere else, what can I say, but Too Bad.


John and Marissa said...

Perfect letter...I love both sides! Thanks for keepin' it real. ;) Love the family pictures too! Even better that you took it yourself!

Jared Wangsgard - REALTOR said...

congrats on the new job and moving to Utah. You'll love it here!

Mandi said...

LOVE this post!! your amazing girl! thanks for being honest, it's the only way to be. Love your Christmas letter and pictures.

Kasey said...

Love the pictures! Sorry you have to move again, but it sounds like Jimmy's new job will be great. I hope everything works out well and you enjoy the new year!

Janelle Ehat said...

SUPER cute letter! I too love the honesty! I'm sorry life has been so crazy! Hope that the coming year brings some relief and balance! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

Well oh my GOSH...you're moving where I live! How exciting! We will have to get together! :)

Deanne Hill said...

Those pictures are awesome! Love, love, love them! I'm way excited to hear you'll be coming to Utah! We live kinda far out here (Eagle Mountain) but we love it, so come try it! Yay! :)

Derek and Becky said...

Cute letter and cute family. Your moving to Utah! Are you following me or something. Just kidding.Becky

***** said...

I Love your blog! Simply beautiful!