Monday, August 31, 2009


I am so excited to announce that I am a proud Aunt again!! My sister Alyssa and BIL (brother in law), Chet welcomed their newest little girl into the world this afternoon!! Her name is Atlee (not sure on the middle name yet) Rowles, she weighed 8 lbs and 1 .OZ and 19.5 inches long! I am so EXCITED!! I can't wait to get down to Texas to see her and kiss her and hide a recording device in her room that will come on at night telling her how I am her favorite Aunt (brain washing is a totally acceptable method OK!) CONGRATS GUYS! LOVE YOU!!

While I have done some posting over the summer, I just haven't had the chance to post all the fun things we've done since so much of our time has been unpacking and getting the house together!! So here is a mish mash of pics and a few words of our Summer!! :)

Grace started Kindergarten last week and while most of the other moms took their children the first day Grace wanted to ride the bus.....

I think it was because she wanted to do this......

...You see, I am actually hiding from them in order to take this because I was told not to come get them from the bus stop, they wanted to walk together!! These are the moments being a Mom is all worth the work!

The only trouble was that I didn't have enough "Bond" to my "James" because the girls turned around and saw me just as we were getting to the house!! Oh well I got my shot and my evidence of how much they really do like each other!! :)

In July we made a visit to the Denver Aquarium downtown and it was a great time!! The sea life was beautiful and there were even some crawly creatures and a tiger or two. Jimmy's cousin Emilie had come to visit so she came along.

Jimmy and I really enjoyed watching how much James enjoyed looking at the fish, he would have stood there forever watching if we would of let him!!

Being this close to the sharks was a little creepy!!

You think that is a lot of pictures??? You should see all the ones I didn't post!!

On another afternoon the kids and I headed to the Parker Fair! It was sponsored by the Church and EVERYTHING was Free, you should all know by now how much I love "FREE"! They got their faces painted, we ate some tasty food, played some games and walked around looking at the booths! It was really well done, the only things that were kinda stinky, was that we got there pretty late in the day and it was a little too warm outside to be walking as far as we did! I know, I know it's not 115 degrees but it was like 95 degrees and we walked a really long way to and from the car!! We still had fun though!

I don't have pictures of all the other things we did so I will just list them for memory sake

  • Went to the Library on Wheels (they load the books into this great RV and bring them into the neighborhood)
  • I have had 2 amazing girls nights with the ladies in my ward! With another in the works!
  • A birthday at one of the parks nearby
  • Jimmy works on the yard on the weekends, his new love!!
  • I have spent some spare time sewing some and working on my other projects
  • Trips to Good Times (a place that sells burgers and frozen custard mmmmm!)
  • Some family movie nights, where we rent a movie from our On Demand and make popcorn!

Then yesterday we found a spot and took family pictures, I just set up the tripod and the timer and just caught a few so we would have something for our Christmas card! Now, while you will have to wait to see the family picture here is one of the kids!

Love to You!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Scripture! Missionary Work

So first off I must acknowledge the fact that Jimmy and I were given our new callings!! Jimmy was called to the nursery (we have 4 in our ward) he will be in there with James and the snacks so who can complain???!!! I think it will be good for him! I was called as one of the Girls Activity Days leaders and I am with Lexi's age group, that should be good for us to have some special time twice a month where she won't have to compete with her siblings! She is excited and I am too!

In our Gospel Doctrine class today the lesson was given by a couple that just returned from their mission in Warsaw, Poland and they did a marvelous job sharing a few of their experiences from the mission and then also some suggestions on how to be better at sharing the gospel in our own lives. They included some roll playing, my favorite part, on how we can bring it up in just about any situation. For myself, I spent much of the class thinking back on times that I have shared the gospel or had discussions about my beliefs with friends, family or strangers that might believe different than I. My Dad, being a convert to the church, has given me a true appreciation of how the lives of many are changed by just one coming to understand the truths of the gospel and acting upon them. I realized that I really need to work on putting my self out there more, not being afraid to share!! Let me start by jumping two feet in and sharing the things I believe and know to be true

I know that my Heavenly Father Loves me and knows me
I know that the true gospel of Jesus Christ is here on the earth and that modern revelation is real.

I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet called by God to lead His church

I know that Christ lives and that he sacrificed so much for my sake and without Him there would be no grace!

I know the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and I am grateful for the tool it has been in my life

I know that I can be with my family again someday and that we will be together forever

I know all these things to be true
for I have prayed and studied the scriptures and been humbled one too many times to ever deny it.

In D&C 4:4 it Reads For behold the field is white already to harvest; and lo, he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might, the same layeth up in store that he perisheth not, but bringeth salvation to his soul;

If for no other reason being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has brought peace to my life and strength to get through all the hard things that I have and will go through.

Happy Sunday! Love to You

Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback Friday!! Can't I Just BLOW IT UP???? HELP!!!


This flashback is a little different and that's because today I am in the midst of the girl's room and I have come to the point after working for an hour that I just want to BLOW IT UP!!! I have struggled for YEARS with this issue! Neither of my girls have ANY desire to keep their room clean, they share a room, and while it isn't ideal, it is what it is! As parents we have tried just about EVERYTHING, reward programs, taking it all away and making them earn it back, taking it away and donating it to charity, moving, throwing it away, bribery, you name it and most likely we have done it! Now some of them have worked better than others but every time it will last at the most for a few weeks and then they revert right back!!

Of course if you ask the girls, Lexi will say "It's all Grace!" and Grace will say "Well, Lexi has to help me clean it!" I have bought every kind of organization bin, bucket, basket, imaginable and spent HOURS organizing it and then giving them a tour of their room showing them where everything goes and NOTHING!! It usually comes down to me or Jimmy telling them they have 20 min to get it picked up or it is all going in the trash to motivate them! I have on my hands two pack rats, who want to save EVERY paper, McDonald's toy, stuffed animal, Barbie, Polly Pocket, tea set, jump rope, puzzle, baby doll, they have EVER HAD!! Alexis is so bad that she can tell you where each and every item came from, who gave it to her, and how old she was when she got it! If I want to OVERHAUL the room I have to wait until neither of them are within 5 miles of the house, or they will prevent me from getting rid of anything! I have used the angle of "We are going to take these to children who don't have anything.", then I have had them come with me to drop it off at the donation center and still here I am pulling my hair out as I sort, bag, trash, donate, put away, fold my way through their room!! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE! I really could use some new ideas, support, wisdom on the subject!

Oh and one other issue, Lexi is perhaps the worst at shoving, hiding, and disguising where she puts things. I will hand her three shirts on hangers and tell her to hang them up and I will find them a week later shoved under her bed, in a drawer, or as of late, the bottom of her dirty clothes hamper!!!!! ARGH!!!!! That girl!!

Now just a low down on space that is available for their crap!
Their room
One Closet
Under their beds
One 5 drawer dresser
One toy chest
Millions of bins, baskets, buckets
One book case

Oh and just for the record, I still love them!! :P

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Scripture! You're Never Alone

Being in a new City, hundreds of miles from my "comfort zone" there have been moments where I have had the creeping feeling of being alone. Especially during the day when Jimmy is at work and the kids are off to school or taking naps, while the quiet is nice, there has also been a longing for the familiar, a street, a grocery store or a face I would recognize. When I lived in Vegas I would often make sure I was somewhat presentable in public because I knew the moment I wasn't, I would run into someone I knew, but here as I walk up and down the isles of Wal-Mart there has yet to be a single face I recognize. In fact my run ins were so prolific in Vegas that my husband would make comments about how I knew everyone in the city, here not so much. I digress, I guess the point is that there have been great valleys of loneliness in the recent weeks and so I find myself on my knees in prayer more often, knowing that there is One who will be there at anytime, day or night. He can comfort me, and has comforted me not just during this time in my life but through difficult miscarriages, loss of jobs and loved ones and many other occasions. We have a saying that hangs by our front door, it reads

"I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction I had nowhere else to go."
Abraham Lincoln

This statement has been a common theme in my life and I am sure it will continue to be as I do not expect a vacation from trials or difficulties anytime soon. The Lord has seen fit to place these challenges in my path and while the navigation can tricky and terrain rough, He is with me and that brings me peace.

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Love to you,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flash Back Friday!! Fabulous Finds!!

Table & 4 Chairs- Yard Sale $35

I have ALWAYS been a lover of a good deal!! I thrive on finding things in the 75% percent off section or at thrift stores! Well my bargain hunting has reached new levels since our move, we have been on a pretty tight budget but I have been determined to find the things we need at VERY good prices and lately FREE!! Yes, that's right I have been getting some GREAT things for FREE!! I am slightly addicted to a certain online "List" that has a Free section and when I see something I want, I go for it, I don't always get it due to other intense competition but I have managed some wins! My husband LOVES it because my shopping costs him nothing on the "List" other than, as he calls it "being drug to strangers houses", and his muscle but hey how can you complain about that?!? My other favorite places have been Goodwill (they don't have D.I here, bummer) , a little place called Mile High Thrift and garage sales galore!!! I have been wanting to share some of the great things I have found but haven't found the time, until now!!

Couch Frame that I am sanding and staining- The "List" FREE!!

1940's Nurses bed side table- Yard Sale $10

Ottoman- 75% off Target $11.00

Clock- 75% off Target $4.78
Tray - Yard Sale $1

3 Pieces of Wall Art- Yard Sale $7 (all)

Three Pairs of shoes, Book & Truck- Goodwill $10

Riding Toy- Goodwill $1.50

Monkey Cookie Jar- 75% off Target $2.50

Lamp Shade- Yard Sale $1

Chair- Mile High $7.95 , Side Table- 75% off Target $17.00, Mirror- Mile High $4

Dresser- The "List" Free!!

Pure Joy For Me- Priceless!!!

I know that some of them need a little imagination, i.e the couch but just picture it with me! A fantastic walnut finish with a new firm but comfy seat cushion with a hand sewn cover and two large comfy pillows for the back, again created by me!! I will post pics of the couch when it is all done!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is my sister and bil's 14th Anniversary!! That is a long time! Congrats and love you guys! I must say that watching the two of you tease each other is one of my favorite things, too bad we don't live closer!! :) Oh and thanks for getting married so Marissa and I could be sort of related and for making such cute freakin kids!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Old, New and A Little Disgusting!!

I have been trying to catch the kids on video here and there and here are just some of the clips I have gotten over the last few months! The first clip is from last night, the back story is that I saw James doing this weird hand motion and couldn't figure out what he was doing and then Jimmy so nicely showed me!! The next clip is after church one Sunday I came in the kitchen to find James on the kitchen table getting into some trouble! The third clip is when we went to McDonalds one evening and the kids were just being silly as usual! The last clip is, well it is self explanatory!! Oh and please disregard my terrible speaking voice eck!! :)

I know not all of you will care to watch the entire video but I know of at least one Grandma and Grandpa that will love to see what these kids have been up to since we left Vegas!

Love to you